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New business plan has appeared!

Users with high anonymity according to the present era, collection of system usage fees by virtual currency, and distribution of rewards by virtual currency are possible, and users all over the world are your target.
With over 7 billion people around the world becoming your business partner, you have the opportunity to expand your network worldwide and earn unlimited rewards.
You can earn rewards simply by advertising on homepages and bulletin boards.
The system itself is built on the dark web, and the system has been operating semi-permanently, and the possibility of system down has been minimized.
Remuneration can be linked to a business plan that has a higher degree of freedom and anonymity by sending money to mobiles or sending money to virtual currency exchanges for rewards with virtual currency bitcoin.

How to start new Business

1. Register the virtual currency exchange

The virtual currency exchange converts your country's currency into virtual currency. This system requires $150 worth of virtual currency bitcoin. Be careful as trading rates fluctuate daily.

Here are the major cryptocurrency exchanges in World.





2. Install Tor Browser on your computer

You need to register on the dark web system, see how many users you have earned, and get paid.
With the system, if you accumulate more than $300 worth of Bitcoin in Dollar, you can receive a reward 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Since it is a virtual currency, there is no bank transfer fee.

Here is how to install Tor Browser.
* Be sure to use the system page because you can only view the system page with the Tor Browser.

Download link https://www.torproject.org/thank-you/
Installation procedure
Click the red frame at the bottom of the screen.

Click to download according to your OS.
Then click on the downloaded file and follow the installation.

3. Registration to the system

Enter the following address in the Tor browser and go to the system screen!


Click New Registration at the bottom center of the screen and set your desired login ID and password.
* You cannot change your ID or password at the time of registration! Make a note when registering!
Introduction code is also required at the time of registration, so introduce it here!

Referral code    goldrush

After logging in, the system payment page will be displayed.
If you are certified by the system after payment, you will be able to see tools and spread screens to spread the business.

4. Payment of system usage fee

To register in the system (permanent membership), virtual currency Bitcoin worth $150 is required. After logging in, send the bitcoin from the virtual currency exchange purchased at 1 to the address displayed.
Bitcoin rates fluctuate daily. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm the rate by pressing the rate confirmation button on the barcode and send the coin within 72 hours.
After confirming the rate, the same rate will be applied for 72 hours, so after 72 hours, push the rate confirm button again and send the coins.

For more information, check how to send coins from the virtual currency exchange!

5. Acquisition of users

To get users, create your own referral code from the system page!

By registering a user with this code, the user will be linked under you.
And it's time to start advertising!
If you can create a web page, create a web page and acquire users there.

There are also business bulletin boards, in-house bulletin boards, and sideline bulletin boards, and there are many sites on the web where users seeking business need to use them, so make effective use of them.

There are HTML code samples etc. that support your business in the system, so you can create a homepage by copying and pasting.

Here is a little bit about rewards.

The reward is $50 worth of cash back with Bitcoin for every user acquisition.
To receive the reward, you need to save at least a reward of $100 or more.
You will receive a reward coin from your Bitcoin address within 3 business days after applying for a reward from the system menu.

Be sure to register your Bitcoin receiving address before applying for a reward.

If you get three people, the principal will be paid back, and after that everything will be a positive reward.
If the acquired user acquires a new user, you will get a cashback of $20 worth of bitcoin.
In addition, the reward system is that if the user below it gets $10 worth cashback.
After that, up to 16 layers below, $5 worth per user acquisition will be cashed back.
In addition, there are special bonus rewards, and it is a system that makes it easier to get rewards.
The bigger the network, the more rewards you can expect.
And if the network spreads further to the world, billions are not dreams.
Please be assured that the system supports English display.
Earn rewards instead of those who have to work until you die, and get 80 years of life, time you can use for yourself!
Cryptocurrency networks will become the core system of the world.

Join now and find fun in your life!